The four ways to Increase the Capital of Your Company

The four ways to Increase the Capital of Your CompanyHave a business and want a capital increase? Do not know where to start with the capital expansion? In Promolex you count the four ways in which you can expand your business capital.

Capital Increase.

It is possible that somewhere along the line you travel with your own company or as partner of a partnership, requieras of a capital increase, then you should ask yourself which of the following is best for you and your business:

- Charged to reserves: the share capital of a company (regardless of whatever type) consisting of the contribution of the profits earned in previous years of the company.

- Compensation Credit: This type of capital is the capital contribution by a partner and / or the debt of a creditor.

- Taxable Dividends: in this case the capital contribution received by the company is due to the contributions made by the members of society for their own benefit.

- Cash: Capital increase by cash contributions.

If you want to make a capital for your business but do not know which is the best for you, you can consult with Promolex.

Meet all types of capital increase there and make the capital expansion that best suits your business.

The best thing you do to increase the Economic income

The best thing you do to increase the Economic incomeThe difference between being attentive and not a lot of money, as much as the difference between what you have and more crazy your dreams of having a large fortune. Money is a very fluid energy, dynamic and emotionally charged, so it is not enough to work a little to improve your prosperity and / or from time to time, have to do that job forever.

But “THE work tired” and as much as you work hard, others with much less work, are getting 10 to 100 times better … What will?

One thing I’ve noticed is that there are several ways to get OBSTACLES ourselves, and have to be eradicated from your life, because only then can take that way of looking at money so radically, so desperately.

How to improve my economic income:

1 – The importance of your priorities

Review your priorities in all areas of your life and ask yourself if you have the priorities currently support you to have financial freedom and if the money is inside one of those priorities.

It is likely that automatic live about your priorities and do things just like your parents taught you. Like for example, you want a new computer, This will help you financially? ie, this computer will help you be faster at work, or investment that you make in it will help you make better presentations with your clients?

If I wont improve my economic income, the importance of my priorities comes into play. For example, if you want a new laptop just because your friends have one and have not planned anything useful with this priority will not help to increase your income. Read the rest of this entry »

The best place to invest is Forex

The best place to invest is ForexPromote math, physics, chemistry, school, college and higher institute, as well as in everyday life, without being rote or chancar much I hate, I find the most suitable and quick fixes in life.

Investing in forex is safe, like driving 40,000 investing only 100 -. Therefore and gone beyond or have analyzed the global economy thoroughly and see it as just a game or system absurd that man has created (this reference I say to I know a pinch) good today I’ll explain with truth and meaning iForex pure description, bforex, cgi forex, Saxo bank, Easy Forex, solid forex, forex chile, peru forex, china forex, and all intermediaries who trade Forex.

First, all these companies are not scammers are traders or brokers and intermediaries who earn a few dollars commission on each trade that makes the customer, that’s why they call you, invite, painted birds, fabulous profits so you invest.

Investing in forex is safe

For one pecan invitingly, but the end is good. If you do not invest in almost anything, if you deposit 100 or 200 dollars is as a backup to the $ 40.000 that you get (leverage) to your what you negotiate freely. There’s nothing wrong with that, because I see a great opportunity for a small investor.

No bank does that, ie if you deposit 100 you think you get 40,000 (leverage), who you work for? ever occurs in practice. But on the Internet if given and it is real, I repeat that it is real, but with the computer system or computer programs they manage, these $ 40.000 supervise it when you lose, ie you can not lose more than 100 or your $ 200 you invested. Read the rest of this entry »

Ways to save money with Mobile apps

Ways to save money with Mobile appsThe only money that can make accounts is that we won, but many people seem to think they earn much more and spend more account to be in trouble only every month or so when bills are due.

Add and subtract something we learned is small, but for some reason did not want to use in our life with money. But now among the ways to save money the real potential of a smart phone with some applications that simply allow us to save many difficulties and added money.

  • Search ATMs without charge

Several times I have come to the window of a bank to withdraw money tell me, please take it out by grabbing the cashier to save charges. But now many banks are still adding charges for ATM withdrawals, which is really frustrating.

But those who have a smart phone also have a good way to save money, since most of mobile banking applications, they also have a GPS tracker that allows step by step instructions to get to the nearest ATM that does not charge fees and .

  • Compare prices at the same store

It always happens when I’m in a supermarket and there is one nearby, find a product comes the question How much will be in the other shop? Not so easy to be out to buy and see if we can save some money. But with a mobile there are many ways to save money in these cases.

Many applications swapped purchase price, for example a laser that can scan and upload barcodes from all products that normally buy. Also this Google Shopper that allows you to search and purchase prices in stores competition.

  • One way to save money on fuel

It is very difficult to save each month varies when the price of fuel and now with prices freedoms need to find some way of knowing which are the prices at different gas stations. Read the rest of this entry »

The best solution to better Manage personal finances

The best solution to better Manage personal financesComplain and blame the system or anyone, does not give us a solution, we must do something ourselves.Becoming an investor is something that many people are going on, but most of it does not pass, an occurrence only dream of success, but do not take action looking for might achieve that dream.

Financial freedom, financial literacy, money flow, liabilities, fixed income, etc.., Are terms that only a few curious handle, and all of them are even fewer who actually know from personal experience.

1 -.Essential to know the performance of the investment vehicles

Usually trust an expert when it comes to managing our money, for example do not doubt the safety of a bank so save and invest without knowing how to move our money, which is not too bad, but if we wish to become investors have to find out how our money is moving.

2 – Pay attention to fees

For Bancomer, fees are charged depending on the series of actions that are handled in your portfolio, as you have in your hands the investment prospectus (a kind of contract where the terms in which the resources will be explained) examines fees and charges be not with no doubt about the collectability of these.

3 – It is important to know the path of your investment agent

Even if you do not want to become inversion is essential that you are well informed about your investment agent, no matter whether the best bank. Many investment agents receive for the amount of assets and committees that handle and not by the results of the funds is a risk that there mismanagement, ask at the institution in which you invest “how dependent compensation” of executives account. Read the rest of this entry »

The easiest way to come up with Money decisions

The easiest way to come up with Money decisionsYou want to know how to manage money? Not only is learning how to do the math, it is especially satisfying to find, where to find them, with or without money? Money makes it more than what we already have: happiness, sadness, grief, love, greed, etc..

1 -. Acquire financial education

We learn to add, subtract, multiply and divide children, but for some reason we do not use this learning to manage our money. Perhaps we need to learn to do these operations with money in a more practical way, so that the basic operations that we learned as children we serve.

2 -. Practicing the habit of charity

The important thing for you is not the money itself, but the thrill you can achieve with it. A emotions of happiness or suffering money multiplies What do you want for your life? Find the happier and richer people are more grateful that his fortune to charities.

3 – Register your financial transactions

It is important to keep track of everything you do with your money, keep in memory is not good. Better to see the accounts to believe how are you moving the money.

4 – Plan ahead your purchases

Very often go out with the kids and do not tapeworms planned expenses. It is important that the money is not driven by emotions, your money is good, use it on things you know are good. Read the rest of this entry »

Achieving good financial health

Achieving good financial healthAchieve manage personal finances optimally is a habit that has to acquire throughout your life , which will provide peace of mind for you and your family . It is important to note that the task of managing your money can be intimidating , so you need to acquire some expertise.

10 basic tips on how to manage your personal finances to the economic crisis

1 – . Should always check their heritage

Subtract the total of what you do not have or what because all its properties. This operation will result in him a sum of money , which could be your family budget . Perform this exercise on a monthly basis to determine if the actions you are taking are the right people to improve their personal and family finances.

2 – Learn the art of organizing

Be aware that the main thing is to pay your debts, before trying to save money. If at this point you have a debt that charges a low interest , analyze and if your financial plan allows, probably not necessary to pay all of this in order to not capitalize and to spend that money on other items, such as saving. Decide what issues have a higher priority , which are closer to achieving more appropriate and fulfilling .

3 – Do not spend the extra money it receives occasional

If possible , try not to spend money to grow or receive additionally, for example, was paid money that paid a bonus for productivity, profit sharing , overtime , bonuses, etc. . Best Special Discount ! . Read the rest of this entry »

Managing money well for Financial security

Managing money well for Financial securityI will deal with learning how to manage money after a roughing emotional and economic crisis. We did not even offer our children to learn certain things, but then we repeat the same things we do conscious or unconscious . In college you learn a profession but not as overcome life, and money is part of the skills we acquire for our quality of life.

Learning to manage money , 5 Things children should know financial security

1 – . Losing money is part of life

I always remember my teachers in mathematics and economics at the university, I admired his wisdom , I looked magnificent teachers. Only years later I noticed that both were very poor, everything was taught theory that they did them to have a better life with financial freedom. Where should our children learn to manage their economy?

There are many ways to lose money, our children should be aware of that. Not enough to talk about how good it is to care for the money, you must experience it is important that they receive a monthly amount of money to eat the common mistakes and experience the consequences in themselves .

2 – Money is not to save

I think the best way to learn to manage money is money . Children need to learn about the pros and cons of having or not money in the hands or saved and that if make an investment .

Saving is good , but not as a way to save money, but as an end to something that we are planning . What to do if I can save so much ? Encourage your children to have expectations . Read the rest of this entry »

Improving the Economic Situation

Improving the Economic SituationTo improve the economic situation in which a person is , we must carry out a series of steps . There is a very basic premise that everyone understands , and that to improve personal finances need to reduce expenses and increase revenue. To start making these processes would have to do financial planning for the coming months and it would start to decrease costs . You might encounter a situation where the money coming in is less than the expenditure which would indicate that we should urgently reduce costs .

In the event that revenues are greater than expenses , would not be in any trouble, but should we reduce spending , the fact of being better than the first-mentioned situation , no further removed from the marked line. In the second case, people have to be extra careful , because your debts will be of greater value than in the first case , so you solve any problem related to debts may have more risk.

What must be clear is that what matters is how you use the money that comes to you. Many people when they reach retirement age have enough money saved, while others have much less , the answer would be because some people use the money properly while other individuals do not . One of the great secrets to be able to get more savings would not be spending regardless tastes . Of course, when we can afford , enjoy and spend .

Basic Tools to Start a Business of Affiliate Marketing

Basic Tools to Start a Business of Affiliate MarketingWould you like to know what are the basic tools to start an affiliate marketing business and become a successful affiliate ?

A wise affiliate is someone who creates plans every action and executes best using appropriate and very necessary to the success of your affiliate marketing business with tools .

Now, What are these tools?

As you will see , not me , but the statistics of the most successful affiliates , they use these tools to generate profits and are what you should use as well.



Your website is crucial , this is the first step to the success of any business with affiliate marketing , you have to be a professional and credible website.

You try to keep your website content quality , original and relevant to visitors. With useful articles.

Remember that visitors are usually looking for information and not just something to buy .


Know , s that internet has a high competition in any of the niches that are spoken so you have to try one step ahead of others.

Ask a mailing list through your capture page is ideal, but you always have to motivate your visitors to leave their data and that is where you will grant the incentive you can give away a software or ebook in exchange for their email address .

You have to do what is called in the world of affiliate an ethical bribe .


Drive traffic to your site is critical , in fact almost all your efforts must take this direction.

How to achieve this? , Well you can do several things like publishing articles with as a signature link to your website or to your capture page.


Enter your web site to social networks are a very important aspect to get qualified traffic to your website

Keep your followers abreast of new developments that you put into your content and it is attractive to creative post .

So here are the basic tools for your affiliate marketing business .

It is also important to let other members with more experience and time in business guide you on other tools you can use in your affiliate marketing business . You can always take advantage of other options.