The Gift of a Brilliant Business Idea

The Gift of a Brilliant Business IdeaThe holidays are a time for fun, family and friends. And, if you are hoping that the new year will bring a new life as an entrepreneur instead of an employee, the holidays can also be ideal for a new business idea now.

Why are the holidays a source of business ideas such? Here are 3 reasons.

  1. Have some downtime. Chances are you have time off from work for the holidays. Do not spend all baking cookies or lounging on the couch. Taking the time to daydream and brainstorming about what kind of life you want to have as a business owner. What work experience, skills and personality traits that have lend to a company? Want a full time business with huge growth potential, or part-time business can be run on the side for now? Is it all about money, or is it more about the lifestyle?
  2. You are surrounded by ideas. The holidays are a good time to learn about the hottest trends, products, services and demographics. A trip to the local mall, shopping center or restaurant area will give you countless opportunities to see what types of gifts is hot, what kind of stores are thriving, so carts and temporary kiosks are attracting customers and what tactics marketing are being used. You also get an eyeful of the types of people in your local area (families? Singles? Exclusive? Working Class?), How they dress and where they like to eat. All this information can help detect holes in the market that you can fill. It is the center of the local town, full of gastropubs, not a Mexican restaurant are you? That might just be your idea of big business.
  3. You can pick the brains of people. In the holidays, you spend time with people who can not see the rest of the year, including distant relatives and old friends from other cities or states. You’ll also dive together with different age groups (like your teenage nephew or 75 years old, grandparent) who may not normally interact. This is a perfect opportunity to see what others outside your immediate and demographic think your business idea family.

For example, you may have what you think is a great business idea for a website for teenagers run … until her teenage nieces and nephews him down. Or maybe you want to create an application to help mothers of young children, but her sister-in-law (with their infant triplets knee) identifies seven competitors who never heard of. Do not get defensive, but listen with an open mind to friends and family input.

You can even talk to the people you meet at parties or events. A great way to get business ideas is to ask people what they would like to have but can not find, that would make better / easier / happier life. When you come across something that many people want, but no one is offering, it might just be your great idea.

Of course, once your business idea, there is plenty of work to do a business plan, calculate the financing and setting up shop. But it all starts with the idea, and now is the perfect time to generate.

Achieve financial freedom is not to be Millionaires

Achieve financial freedom is not to be MillionairesSomeone who wants to live traveling need more money per month to cover your expenses you prefer a quiet life on a farm. But if the farm we add a number of exotic animals and plants to keep cats vary monthly.
How do you get the money to live life as if it were your last day?

Our quality of life depends first on the amount of money the amount of positive attitudes. But in this case we speak of money, and one of the sources, for anyone with any salary, is the daily savings.

To save more each day does not necessarily have to win more, most of the holes where the money goes can be identified. Most useless expenses that hurt our budget comes from poor planning or an impulse buy something you do not need.

For example every time I walk with my kids incidentals are presented as satisfy any cravings “Papa want you to buy me that …”, often give in and a hole is opened. These are things that do not really allow us to save money.

  • A budget covers a large hole in your pocket

It is difficult to make a monthly budget of income and expenses. Even more complicated is comply to the letter. But having one will ensure you cover that hole where the money goes.

What you desire is a number that can take note, which could not be spend an undetermined number, then you can make a list, or Who is going to do? Quality of life is a habit. Read the rest of this entry »

Doing business online with New internet technology

Doing business online with New internet technologyWho wants to go broke before I started? No, and that’s what happens with thousands of people trying to do business online, just for lack of purpose and planning in their lives.

Many people hear that nice easy and fast internet make money, so they decide to venture into the worst moments of their lives, only to encounter difficulties which are not at all prepared.

To do business online or start with a completely new venture is important to be in the prime of their lives, or run the best with practical adjustments to not jeopardize our economy.

It is true that many manage a venture that is the only option, but the internet every day in our lives, and need not be at a crossroads for the decision to choose internet as a means of business.

Five decisions that can lead to bankruptcy:

1. Do not be how to deal with extraordinary medical expenses. The costs of a prolonged or severe illness or an accident, can generate greater commitments to the ability to pay anyone, and unable to fulfill them having to qualify for bankruptcy.

The most practical solution is to obtain health insurance or medical services. Now there are many plans you need to know inquiring at your bank and the nearest health centers.

2. Do not have an emergency fund to cope with the loss of work. This is one of the most frequent mistakes that lead to bankruptcy. Not only have to have money saved to live six months without work but need to prepare a spending plan or budget when you have other income and when financial circumstances change. Read the rest of this entry »

The most important thing to Achieve financial freedom

The most important thing to Achieve financial freedomWhen it comes to answering the question how much you need per month to live as you want? The figures vary ends has very different because each person has their ideas, customs and dreams of how to live, but we need to see that more people achieve financial freedom does not have to be a complicated process, which can be achieved with minor adjustments to our customs .

A family with a regular income could achieve financial freedom just by knowing how to save going shopping, since the monthly amount of money you need to live becomes easier to achieve.

Besides learning has manage expenses, time and facilitate our purposes we achieve such do business online, which may be a source of income that allows us much time and quality of life.

7 ways to achieve savings going shopping:

1. To meet our needs better go shopping with a list of what we really need. In 2010 the management of our budget is the best way to look after our finances.

In supermarkets often men are those who spend more than women. Women usually come with a list, men do, so they buy more than you need.

2. Many times we went for a walk alone, and sometimes we have a shop on the way, we see and we went with some unplanned purchase. It has been found that those who spend less time in a store spend less. Read the rest of this entry »

Reduction of Resources and Technological Efficiency for Spending

Reduction of Resources and Technological Efficiency for SpendingIn companies every aspect is of vital importance in the reduction of costs currently working every day but in reducing the resources allocated to different areas in which it is not making the most of their potential or is making a bad use of them, along with this one works on improving technological efficiency in order to minimize costs that can lead holes or help create financial hole.

Which is the reduction of resources: this refers specifically to minimize the expenditure of company resources in an orderly manner for recovering the economy. On many occasion erroneously resource is assigned to sections of the company do not need it while other more productive areas are discovered.

Efficiency technology: with the various technological advances to improve productivity through the introduction of technologies that make production cheaper product or its management optime arises.

If you want to improve your company spending and avoid future financial problems you must take into account these factors.

Improve Spending Avoid Using Credit Cards

Improve Spending Avoid Using Credit CardsCredit cards are one of the financial elements more used today thanks to its easy use and acceptance in all establishments, but the benefits that they bring to those who use it ends up being the biggest problem we have to control spending in many times.

Today it may seem contrary to what advertising indicates or against the same trend financial experts recommend leaving aside the use of credit cards by two key factors:

1. Easy consumption of products or services needed: this is the biggest problem because people who use credit cards are not aware that the use of this instrument is disadvantageous and can produce extreme debt unless our money and which will have to pay interest and

2. Payment of interest: interest payments and extra funding is the immediate result of the above do not care where our spending with the card, this section consumes much of our income considering that most times people pay more for interest and extra funding that capital.

It is important to take a bold decision in this section with the idea of improving their personal economy.

The best plan to talk to Financial problems

The best plan to talk to Financial problemsSometimes we say “you first”, there are very few people who remain calm when you are pointing your bad habits. You need to start you, then ask Is there anything else you do not like me? and not think that is right, the reason will be for you, but not for a relationship. There results, how to achieve the results they want? this is a fact that need to be prevented.

The best approach to prevent and solve problems, at home, is to recognize their weaknesses, mistakes and fears.

For a better climate to talk about money with your partner is presented with love, not with reason, assume your rightful responsibility and see the values of your partner, put enthusiasm for what she can do. Ask for help to work on your weaknesses, mistakes and fears.

The main point that a couple needs to address the issue of money is budgeting, savings and growth. They are a company of two out ideas, has been where they want to, they can give and how much they are willing to work.

A home without budgets is a growing potential problem.

Concentrate on liability.- is not easy to talk about money when you have not set goals. People close their doors when they see on the horizon the possibility of what you want.

What do you do if you suddenly turn from your window, in the other corner, that person so much you want to know? you run to open the door and do everything possible to get to their meeting. It is your responsibility to open doors for you no matter what you want for your life and the lives of your family. Read the rest of this entry »

Spend more time to Earn money

Spend more time to Earn moneyHow to invest money and earn more with an broker.- not true that the only way to make money is working, for example there are people who own property and live in rents, obviously at some point worked, saved and invested. That is, they delegated the job to your money. But Do not have much money to buy property?

The first recommendation for those who want to put their money to work, invest, money is not used berry need to meet their basic needs. Become investor is not simply put his hand in his pocket and buy securities.

You often hear, after price rises some action or coins, why I did not invest? One investor is not just for those steep hikes fail, that the best you can touch a very small potion of boost, or you can also touch lower prices.

To become an investor really needs to walk with investors, learn to think like an investor, investors have specialized information, and you can do so by joining a broker.

A broker is an intermediary between buyer and seller. You need to have an account to take advantage of market fluctuations. You need to see that opportunities come and go fast too fast and do not give time to open an account with which to operate and make money during market movements.

Even Cundo you have the money to negotiate, you can not do if you have an account with a broker, also opening an account is not so fast, you have to comply with various formalities such as the legality of the money deposit to your new account, practice in the demo, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

Good business of Tourism trips

Good business of Tourism tripsTravel is not just a trip, it’s a way to go to reach opportunities, new ways of doing and seeing things, trends, friends, businesses, etc., and if it is to do more, have more with the same amount of money the solution is to look for savings.

Whenever you travel to other countries, then we can explore a lot of ways and techniques that can be easy to implement and can also be light in our personal finances. Let’s see how we can save money when traveling abroad and actually reach the destination country creditworthiness.

1) At the airport, one of the easiest ways to save money is. Trying not to change money at the airport. The currency exchange rates are generally higher in the airport as an airport income is always higher throughout the administrative burden.

If an emergency occurs, change the minimum to get to your hotel. Once in your hotel you can ask for the best rate and where you can do it, it’s always good to compare at least two sites.

2) Try to get a mobile SIM card as soon as possible. You carry in your carry a phone with interchangeable SIM card. This is very important because calls from your hotel can be very expensive. It is about saving without forgoing the minimal amenities, no sense wasting money unnecessarily.

Once you get the SIM card then you can send a message to one of the family members at home and tell your new number.

3) Another way to save money is. Making money exchange in small quantities, as the need arises. It often happens that changes a lot and then the local spare money you have to change again, that would lose a lot of money. Also note that the exchange rate is not stable, but you are not in this game, but can benefit. Read the rest of this entry »

The most interesting story of the Entrepreneurial

The most interesting story of the EntrepreneurialIn Silicon Valley have their main big companies like Google, Ebay, Apple, Oracle, Yahoo and many other companies that make this region one of the most important cradles of world technology headquarters.

In the valley note entrepreneurial energy to the surface. All people understand that entrepreneurship is and work to find the next project that will revolutionize the world.

The dream of many entrepreneurs (including me) is to Silicon Valley with his project to share with entrepreneurs and investors, but before putting together travel plans must meet the entrepreneurial philosophy professed there, so I want to share the 10 commandments of entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley.

These 10 commandments were written by SpOrtega for Todo Startups, and are quite a Decalogue for entrepreneurs who want to go to Silicon Valley to carry out their projects.

  1. “Your startup will begin making a single product / service, and make it perfect.”
  2. “Just think of businesses whose lifetime customer value is greater than the customer acquisition cost” (translation: what the customer pays for the entire period to remain as a customer, must be greater than the cost to have the startup to acquire that customer).
  3. “Smash the profile of your startup on Angel List and Gust”.
  4. “Your startup market solve some pain that is associated with one of the 7 deadly sins.”
  5. “Understand your customer more than he understands himself.”
  6. “Just present yourself before a Venture Capitalist when you can prove that in a few years will have revenues of over $ 100 million.”
  7. “Do not subestimaras the next 7 risks: Product Development team composition, Drive Market, Financial Exposure, Legal, business scalability, and Intellectual Property.”
  8. “You will work tirelessly to achieve the best story to tell about your project.”
  9. “Do not suffer emotional decisions.”
  10. “You do not waste time telling the people ideas that have not yet been tested.” It is important that you consider these points to make your trip to Silicon Valley a success and Logres get the necessary support to implement your project.