6 Tips to Increase Facebook Reach in 2014

6 Tips to Increase Facebook Reach in 2014Today the results stats Facebook is bad news for many companies and brands. The reduction is remarkable and powerful algorithm Facebook is constantly changing , which worries most of us .

To all this the questions I ask and most is why can not reach more fans with our updates? What kind of content should be sharing ? What can we do about our decline Facebook Reach?

The exact answer to these questions is not known with certainty to the outside world (including experts and business analytics ) . But we can have some studies and experiments to see how to fix this impoverishment of reach .

The problem of the reach of Facebook .

A study by Social Ogilvy found that organic range has decreased to an average of 4 to 6 % , resulting in a fall of 49% percent from October 2013.

Reason 1 : it is believed that Facebook put limits to organic range of publications, because the large volume of users and the daily volume of content available every hour, and there are more than 18 million business pages competing for visibility in Facebook .

Reason 2 : There are also financial reasons and business thereon, taking into account the competition for space for brands and their poor showing in the bag, Facebook uses its own platform for maximizing your advertising.

In other words, if you do not pay Facebook advertising to increase the reach and visibility of their content through advertising, you can only hope to reach 6% in the best case .

Discovering EdgeRank .

Learn how Facebook calculates what is shown on your news feed , is a mystery and it is not known exactly . What they do know is that the process is complicated and as Lars Backstrom ( Facebook engineer ) are up to 100,000 different variables involved in the model that produced the results in your newsfeed.

So the solution to increase the scope is not so simple. But there are some elements of the algorithm are public knowledge :

  • Types of content (eg , photos, video, text).
  • User interactions with him contained .
  • The interaction of a user with Facebook Ads .
  • Speed ​​Internet device and a user .
  • Affinity: this refers to their relationship with the user, how he or she interacts with your page .
  • Weight: Facebook places priority based on the type of post , giving top priority to videos ( uploaded to the platform, not links) and photos.
  • Cadence: the older ( in hours) is your post , less likely to appear in the news feed .

That’s the theory put forth by Jon Loomer suggests that our broader search is wrong . To the extent Loomer may mean very little and could be chasing the wrong statistics.

In your experience and opinion are better indicators of success to reach on Facebook . Scope means very little , since there is usually a good indicator of success.

If you are marketing on Facebook , the best metrics to monitor are:

  • Traffic to your website.
  • Number of Lead obtained ( potential customers) .
  • Conversions that arose as a result of your efforts on Facebook .

In essence , Facebook is showing you only update fans and followers who are more interested in your brand and who are most likely to click , share and interact with content.

The idea to Manage your Finances well

The idea to manage your finances wellWere up the mood , it’s fun to spend, but if you remember , money is not always constant , and these days that jobs are very short , it is increasingly difficult to maintain an economic standard .

Money is not to save it, even save money at home can mean losing money , you use the money, I do move, work . It’s hard to make money, especially if you are an employee , and during that time you spend you might think if the rich have a financial genius , or as they always have money for .

A person with education and financial power to do with their time ? That time when you only leave you happen to spend without any planning . This very well go out for a nice day with friends or family , but you have financial backing ? You worked yourself to your genius, your talents , make the best financial decisions ?

Plan to win? In a weekend , you do watching television or just spend time with family and doing business ? You complain of life, bad luck , the system, etc. . , Not be successful or you take responsibility and start changing your outlook to see benefits? The answers are for you, at some point your genius has to tell you the truth . Read the rest of this entry »

Great desire to be a Millionaire

Great desire to be a MillionaireI want to be a millionaire when in fact what you are considering these aspects would be fun for your life. Put off into the future and assume the belief that the money has the power to make us better .

Most people disagree to live happily with the money they earn or less , it is not easy to stop associating happiness with money, so most of the people who does save some money to spend immediately begins to buy a great car , traveling, eating in expensive restaurants etc. . In short, try to lead a life of millionaires, but really fun, happy?

The best way to stop being millionaires is supposed to live like millionaires live . There are many ties that apparently identified the life of a millionaire, bonds that prevent achieving discipline, strategy and skills to double wealth and really live for many years , all future years as truly rich.

To be sexy, funny , flexible, sexy and good person does not need to be millionaires , the most important thing in life does not give us the money, although it provides , but what really gives us the money is more than what we grow in many cases more bitterness. For example you are interested to know like winning the lottery and live as a beggar .

Making waste of money thinking that living a millionaire is not entirely a mistake, it serves as a learning experience to really understand what is most important to achieve a good flexible and sexy fun life.

The importance of saving money after Married

The importance of saving money after MarriedWe live in a world where money is part of the essential ecosystem develop ourselves in every activity and therefore it is important to consider our financial status in all kinds of commitments and to establish and formalize a relationship .

Money is a bit romantic theme before marriage, but talk of the financial status of each spouse, greatly facilitates the financial health of marriage as it is a fundamental issue in harmony in a home. One of the most frequent causes of divorce are unexpected financial disagreements . Therefore, one of the wisest ways to preserve a home is the honest openness to issues of money and financial planning.

If you assume responsibility for your marriage , you have to speak lovingly of the financial statements of each, who rides as a business. Thus the health of your marriage has a much better chance of staying healthy longer. Let’s put everything on the table and talk with love.

How to achieve financial freedom by saving money

Many couples marry just to acquire a debt and things can get worse if one of them and drag a previous debt , it will be difficult to face meet some basic needs of a new marriage like buying a house or just rent an apartment and get the necessary furniture. Read the rest of this entry »

How to succeed with Money

How to succeed with moneyMany people believe that to have amenities, the house that dreams, etc. . , Has to achieve financial freedom, when the reality is that , if they have more luck working with your finances. Money does not make you free of finance, instead work smart can make you feel better with all the burden of managing your funds .

If you have no money is contradictory find financial freedom , how to finance wants to be free if you have no luck ? If you want to make money you need to grow your financial intelligence is . When you’re overwhelmed and feel fortunate to watch your money, do math , etc. . , You can search just to be free of those finances. Just want financial freedom can say and over again have to use your intelligence to delegate many financial transactions and freeing you put your money to work for many loads , but never completely free of finance.

How to achieve financial freedom from home on business

In Wikipedia there is a note of financial freedom accompanied by the explanation ” This article needs references that appear in a reputable publication such as journals, monographs , daily newspaper or sources Internet “

He then says that ” financial freedom is directly related to the economic welfare of an individual but not his wealth. Financial freedom can be defined as the ability of an individual to meet all your financial needs and who do have to make any kind of activity ” Read the rest of this entry »

How to save money with a Small income

How to save money with a Small incomeThis user money often blamed for all the ills of the world with thoughts such as money is wrong , money can not buy happiness , money corrupts , money is badly divided , must be eliminated . It’s in the complaint.

You can imagine that these users are not attracting much . And some say you can live without. However , they, like everyone else is still using . Usually not proposing solutions, seek to escape somehow , but it is impossible .

My question is how is the money itself to blame for everything ? Recall that in the Bible and say that Cain killed Abel … and it was not about money , it was out of envy . And no wonder because envy would define as a deep sense of poverty , of not feeling well or something worthy of another seems easily have .

So Cain based on his emotions poverty , wanted to eliminate the “competition ” for not sharing the “pie” of God’s attention . Then there was the money, but because there was envy and feeling poor and a man existed

This user has a very active attitude to money , is entrepreneurial and goes in search of money. On the plus side is the desire to learn , to train and to learn to play the game of money. Read the rest of this entry »

Benefits of Social Networking for Finance

Benefits of Social Networking for FinanceSocial networks are becoming popular also in the financial field. Previously we had seen Idea me as a platform to facilitate joint financing to move forward with a business venture.

The idea is to present a project to a community of users so that they are encouraged to fund a business idea in exchange for rewards products.

Now I present InPact.me which aims collective business financing social enterprises that have a direct impact on the improvement of society.

In the following video you can see a presentation where site managers say they are also looking for funding for your business venture.

Working hard to achieve Financial Benefits

Working hard to achieve Financial BenefitsAchieve fortune and happiness is the result of a millionaire mind , as if we were talking about planting a seed of oak. If a walk through our good care of our good intentions and love , plant and care after planting obtain a flimsy grass, is that we were wrong , there was never in our hands an oak seed .

A person with a millionaire mind accepts what happens , even his mistake , responsible and assume full responsibility predisposes . Let’s begin again, begin to seek the good seed , good programming of our mind.

  • Want a successful career or a close relationship with your family? Both!
  • Want to live devoted to business or having fun and spend quality time with friends ? Both!
  • Want to make big money or simply a spiritual life full of positive meanings ? Both!
  • Want to make money at all costs or do the work you most passionate about? Both! Read the rest of this entry »

How to find the truth of Financial freedom

How to find the truth of financial freedomWhat will happen to your loved ones if you suddenly lose your job ? and may be better or worse , but The better ? That is, to know how to determine your wishes for the future so that now begin to take the first step toward that result.

The financial health of a person, this depends on your past decisions. If you do not like , obviously taking wrong decisions and has a great lesson to make changes . Here it is important to thank .

Although not in your financial future and get started right now is Robert Kiyosaki error called the wheel of the rat. Work , forward , and back again spend without realizing that the years pass and it is becoming more difficult.

Over the years you have more responsibilities , and as costs have not set goals, you keep turning and turning that wheel. You are not ready nor protected against unforeseen situations. Read the rest of this entry »

Best Impact of Financial freedom means Financial freedom

Best Impact of Financial freedom means Financial freedomFinancial independence is synonymous with financial freedom and is the word I want to use this time as it is important to use the words considering having successful results because the secret is not that our mind understands but our actions begin to move accordingly.

Thoughts and attitudes that need to consider when our dream is to achieve financial independence ?

1 – If you are poor you need to change your thinking

You have all the intentions to get rich, but inevitably fail again and again . You wonder what am I doing wrong? . Also look at your results and say ” but if what I wanted to happen ” I mean doing something thinking it will have a desired result and is somewhat different.

The result is what it is, no cheating if you throw a stone into the sky thinking it would float , and then falls head busting . Your thinking is wrong . So if you want to be rich and you do what you do and poverty is also your thoughts are wrong. You have to change that mindset . Read the rest of this entry »