The best plan to talk to Financial problems

The best plan to talk to Financial problemsSometimes we say “you first”, there are very few people who remain calm when you are pointing your bad habits. You need to start you, then ask Is there anything else you do not like me? and not think that is right, the reason will be for you, but not for a relationship. There results, how to achieve the results they want? this is a fact that need to be prevented.

The best approach to prevent and solve problems, at home, is to recognize their weaknesses, mistakes and fears.

For a better climate to talk about money with your partner is presented with love, not with reason, assume your rightful responsibility and see the values of your partner, put enthusiasm for what she can do. Ask for help to work on your weaknesses, mistakes and fears.

The main point that a couple needs to address the issue of money is budgeting, savings and growth. They are a company of two out ideas, has been where they want to, they can give and how much they are willing to work.

A home without budgets is a growing potential problem.

Concentrate on liability.- is not easy to talk about money when you have not set goals. People close their doors when they see on the horizon the possibility of what you want.

What do you do if you suddenly turn from your window, in the other corner, that person so much you want to know? you run to open the door and do everything possible to get to their meeting. It is your responsibility to open doors for you no matter what you want for your life and the lives of your family. Read the rest of this entry »

Spend more time to Earn money

Spend more time to Earn moneyHow to invest money and earn more with an broker.- not true that the only way to make money is working, for example there are people who own property and live in rents, obviously at some point worked, saved and invested. That is, they delegated the job to your money. But Do not have much money to buy property?

The first recommendation for those who want to put their money to work, invest, money is not used berry need to meet their basic needs. Become investor is not simply put his hand in his pocket and buy securities.

You often hear, after price rises some action or coins, why I did not invest? One investor is not just for those steep hikes fail, that the best you can touch a very small potion of boost, or you can also touch lower prices.

To become an investor really needs to walk with investors, learn to think like an investor, investors have specialized information, and you can do so by joining a broker.

A broker is an intermediary between buyer and seller. You need to have an account to take advantage of market fluctuations. You need to see that opportunities come and go fast too fast and do not give time to open an account with which to operate and make money during market movements.

Even Cundo you have the money to negotiate, you can not do if you have an account with a broker, also opening an account is not so fast, you have to comply with various formalities such as the legality of the money deposit to your new account, practice in the demo, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

Good business of Tourism trips

Good business of Tourism tripsTravel is not just a trip, it’s a way to go to reach opportunities, new ways of doing and seeing things, trends, friends, businesses, etc., and if it is to do more, have more with the same amount of money the solution is to look for savings.

Whenever you travel to other countries, then we can explore a lot of ways and techniques that can be easy to implement and can also be light in our personal finances. Let’s see how we can save money when traveling abroad and actually reach the destination country creditworthiness.

1) At the airport, one of the easiest ways to save money is. Trying not to change money at the airport. The currency exchange rates are generally higher in the airport as an airport income is always higher throughout the administrative burden.

If an emergency occurs, change the minimum to get to your hotel. Once in your hotel you can ask for the best rate and where you can do it, it’s always good to compare at least two sites.

2) Try to get a mobile SIM card as soon as possible. You carry in your carry a phone with interchangeable SIM card. This is very important because calls from your hotel can be very expensive. It is about saving without forgoing the minimal amenities, no sense wasting money unnecessarily.

Once you get the SIM card then you can send a message to one of the family members at home and tell your new number.

3) Another way to save money is. Making money exchange in small quantities, as the need arises. It often happens that changes a lot and then the local spare money you have to change again, that would lose a lot of money. Also note that the exchange rate is not stable, but you are not in this game, but can benefit. Read the rest of this entry »

The most interesting story of the Entrepreneurial

The most interesting story of the EntrepreneurialIn Silicon Valley have their main big companies like Google, Ebay, Apple, Oracle, Yahoo and many other companies that make this region one of the most important cradles of world technology headquarters.

In the valley note entrepreneurial energy to the surface. All people understand that entrepreneurship is and work to find the next project that will revolutionize the world.

The dream of many entrepreneurs (including me) is to Silicon Valley with his project to share with entrepreneurs and investors, but before putting together travel plans must meet the entrepreneurial philosophy professed there, so I want to share the 10 commandments of entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley.

These 10 commandments were written by SpOrtega for Todo Startups, and are quite a Decalogue for entrepreneurs who want to go to Silicon Valley to carry out their projects.

  1. “Your startup will begin making a single product / service, and make it perfect.”
  2. “Just think of businesses whose lifetime customer value is greater than the customer acquisition cost” (translation: what the customer pays for the entire period to remain as a customer, must be greater than the cost to have the startup to acquire that customer).
  3. “Smash the profile of your startup on Angel List and Gust”.
  4. “Your startup market solve some pain that is associated with one of the 7 deadly sins.”
  5. “Understand your customer more than he understands himself.”
  6. “Just present yourself before a Venture Capitalist when you can prove that in a few years will have revenues of over $ 100 million.”
  7. “Do not subestimaras the next 7 risks: Product Development team composition, Drive Market, Financial Exposure, Legal, business scalability, and Intellectual Property.”
  8. “You will work tirelessly to achieve the best story to tell about your project.”
  9. “Do not suffer emotional decisions.”
  10. “You do not waste time telling the people ideas that have not yet been tested.” It is important that you consider these points to make your trip to Silicon Valley a success and Logres get the necessary support to implement your project.


The youngest entrepreneur to Have a Successful business

The youngest entrepreneur to Have a Successful businessHis business venture started at age 7 when he decided to get manure bags sell for just over one euro. Later, guided by his entrepreneurial vision, Henry decides to invest in new technologies starting their own online store to sell products that were purchased at a thrift store.

Now, 9 years and a little more experience in the business world, Henry has ventured to start his third business: a shop selling candy for children that has the name “Not before tea.” And the interesting thing is that this enterprising child has already developed the business plan, designed the logo, created a website and has developed a marketing strategy with the help of his father Julian, an advertising executive.

Despite his young age, Henry behaves as a whole executive and takes very seriously its role as owner of his own business. You already have your card, it imposes business goals, plan strategies and focuses on meeting the needs of their customers.

Most likely behind this enterprising child is a parent (or someone) that incentive and entrepreneurial spirit that had led to self-confidence, discipline and perseverance required to start and run a business. You can currently Henry’s business “are not a big deal”, but in their day to day is strengthening important skills and values associated with leadership and entrepreneurship. Read the rest of this entry »

Innovative Business ideas to Earn money

Innovative Business ideas to Earn moneyLack of money causes one of the most powerful fears that annihilates the initiative, it is a limitation that an entrepreneur can not afford to feed. Know that the people who make fortunes and succeed in their first professional and private life makes a context switch, how to see the world.

No pessimism or negative around you vision will allow you to progress. It is at this point where your prospect has power over what happens to you, look in the mirror, observe your emotions, that’s the way you travel Like? An entrepreneur knowledgeable, knowing the movement of money knows it can attract investors.

  • What do investors want?

You can find out by visiting a bank and asking for help department staff credit. In search engines, social networks can, forums and videos can find tips to know how to qualify for an investor is interested in our project.

And better Why not find an investor that is also a business consultant?

Surround yourself masterminds is now very simple in social networks, you can get your thoughts, ask, follow his example, serve your light. Your next step may be to look for an investor in your city, do not discount the social networks and platforms bringing together investors with creative.

  • Build your profile entrepreneur

Money for investment does not get to everyone, stop complaining, poverty does not attract money. The wealth of ideas, innovation, creativity … are the best way to get on the right side of the flow of money. Read the rest of this entry »

Organize your Finances well as a Successful step

Organize your Finances well as a Successful stepIn these times there are many people with debts of misuse of credit cards and do not pay on time generates more high interest debt, and to the need for more money is not missing moments said that some debtors want to invest in a business profitable, to pay my debts faster.

This topic is very important because it has to do with the commitment to keep your word, and your personal commitment to grow.

1. NEVER Pay debts must be something that is negotiated.

That is, if you deposit 100 pesos, and occupy 80 to pay your debts, you first have it, and what is left invested in your business. The point is not default, the point is PRODUCE MORE.

Debts are translated TRUST MONEY, someone trusted you, to give you the FRUIT of your work (and even if the bank is the result of the work of the bank) so you pay no negative energy creates a lack of honor, scarcity and lack of commitment.

Your subconscious makes a record about your inability to make more money, and “confirms” that when you say that something will happen, does not have to happen. That is, a mental map of self-sabotage is created.

2.-If you pay, your self-esteem goes up, your spirit expands,

Your subconscious makes a record of success, possibilities, creativity, honor, commitment, perseverance, consistency. Pay off debt gives you freedom, not only in your finances, in YOUR INTERIOR. And please, do not leave me with that if the bank charges a lot of interest, and that if the government increased it. Read the rest of this entry »

Financial freedom in the Face of Financial problems

Financial freedom in the Face of Financial problemsIf you really want financial freedom, ie freedom from worry and fear for money you need to work to achieve a lifestyle. Start with that style same time, not have to wait till you get a lot of money, it all starts with being grateful and celebrate those little things that are totally free, you do not need money.

Here are 11 fun things you can do at any time, so get used to it for when you have more time and money and not just be a person with no money and happiness.

Of course, the first thing is to assume that these contracting a business where employees work better without the head, that way the business will not depend on your presence.

1 Read, read and read. Remember all those books you could not enjoy during the year? It is the perfect starting point to devour books.

2. “Mens sana in corpore sano”. For example while walking or something I imagine some competition and adjust my muscles, and I am exercising without needing overtime.

3 Let out your creative side. Play an instrument, draw, write, photograph … Your happiness level will determine whether it is possible or not your financial freedom, but at least you’ll be happy.

4 Travel, and do not stop never travel. There is a myth that you can learn a lot from each new place you’ve met throughout your life. The creativity you need is out of your world. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Get money in Life

How to get money in lifeIf you’re looking how to get easy money, you may be wishing too easy to lose, because we must not think too much to see you have a million dollars available poses many problems to solve. Apart from all the beauty to do with the money, the problem is to keep it and make it grow, otherwise at any time was over and the old problems returned.

Wealth means not only that you have a lot of money, but also have happiness, and you make others happy. And that can only happen if you are able to keep your money, take time for your life and the lives of your loved ones. But if you are looking for easy money maybe you’re not seeing the need to solve problems that are close to you, as your happiness and the happiness of your loved ones.

Have a job to You go even though you do not like, do you think you can make money from something you do not like ?. Doing what you do not like each and every day, just for a paycheck to make ends meet, it is a way to block the wealth, because you’re not allowing your talent to flow, your passion is revealed.

For example if you want to go somewhere you have several alternatives:

  • Raising money for the fare and expenses
  • Walking Holidays
  • Traveling by hitchhiking
  • Borrow money
  • Borrow a vehicle, etc.

Read the rest of this entry »

Important rules to Earn money in trying

Important rules to Earn money in tryingSome time ago, thinking about how to succeed with money and with my children, buy three piggy banks and they were very careful to ask for tips, then spend the time and my older son found a good excuse to break the savings and spend the money on a good cause. The result was that the money disappeared into a consumable, meaning they lacked financial intelligence.

When a person does not like to work but likes the money he realizes something, work for money means used, change the time for money, and usually that is not enough money for everything you want and it is not time or strength to have quality of life. He realizes he needs financial intelligence.

That do not work for money?

The more practical to stop working self, and yet make good money, is to delegate most tasks, especially where one is not an expert. First learn to delegate money to be this one work, not us.

Most people are accustomed to spend their money on things that do not produce them money, and not talking about big money. What we do and we are by our daily habits and the results of these actions is what prevails. What is your result? Read the rest of this entry »